Off on holiday today. A short trip around the far east. Starting today we fly to Qatar and then tomorrow down to Bangkok. From there we’ll do a tour of the far east. Now the thing is, this is a holiday. The problem is, the word holiday. If you look for a definition of holiday as a noun this is what you get: an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling. And if you want it as a verb: spend a holiday in a specified place. So where, my friends, does anyone get the idea that an event such as Halloween is a holiday? Several times yesterday, (Halloween, obviously!), people said to me, ‘Happy Holidays’. Now, whilst this is very nice of them, they had no idea that I was going on holiday. What they meant to say was ‘Happy Halloween’ or something similar. Now, whilst I have doubts as to whether Halloween is a particularly happy event, I could just about accept this, but Halloween a holiday? No!!!

Firstly, there is no holiday. Nobody has an official day off, or travels somewhere for leisure and recreation specifically for Halloween. Secondly, there is nothing to be ‘happy’ about. Ok, for the children that dress up and go around ‘trick or treating’ it may be a happy thing to do. For the recipients of these visitors, it is tenuously possible that they might find it a happy event. But for everyone else it is just a highly commercial, irritating way in which everyone from online shops to supermarkets try to extract yet more money from us for no good reason. It is not a holiday and it is certainly not a ‘Happy Holiday’! It’s RudyMenTerry!

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